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You, Us, Together

Founded by Stuart Coleman in 2015 infoNation’s mission is to ensure people and intelligent machines (AI) work harmoniously.  Our core team is a diverse group of creative educational, learning design, data science and AI experts united by a strong belief that people data, technology and machines can work smarter together to make the world a better place. We have consulted, trained and enabled teams in corporates, governments, and the third sector to develop safe, human accountable AI systems.


Ensuring people, data and technology align to purpose.

What purpose?

Our inspiration comes from the people, teams, investors and businesses doing and making stuff which has the potential to have a positive impact on our lives and the world we live in.  Many of our clients are great examples of organisations whose work is entirely focussed on rising to this challenge.

We know and are frequently told businesses, governments and consumers and citizens are entering a new “age of machines.”    What we know less of is how to prepare ourselves, our businesses and those who depend on us to thrive in that world.

We believe connecting people, knowledge and capital to solve and work on problems which matter will play an increasingly important role in all our lives.

Read our founding blog to learn more abut the problems we care about and our commitment to working on them and how you can work with us!


Our values  – and how we demonstrate them

In any work we undertake our team are guided by the following principles and corresponding behaviours:

Empowerment – really sharing knowledge only counts when it enables others to act and do themselves.

Attitude – a positive, hardworking and conscientious approach counts for a lot.

Curiosity – we strive to listen and learn first before developing or proposing solutions.

High integrity – we pride ourselves on honest and direct communications and put client interests before our own – whatever the cost.

Each and every member of our core and associate team is challenged to demonstrate these traits – each and every day and we encourage and ask our clients to hold us accountable to them.