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Training & Consulting


Enable data science and artificial intelligence capability

Our team can help your organisation grow the value you derive from the data generated by your own organisation and empower you to identify new data and related new.  Most importantly, we can work with you to train, enable and empower your teams to work smarter with data.  We can do this through:

  • Delivering world class learning and tutoring through a virtual learning environment
  • Designing and delivering face to face coaching and tutoring
  • Designing and delivering executive learning tracks to support change at all levels

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Accelerate data science and AI in your business

Our team can work with you to accelerate your journey to design and deliver solutions leveraging the following capabilities:

  • Design and build safe and responsible machine learning solutions
  • Design, develop and or quality assure algorithms to support your business
  • Develop your data science methodology and data pipeline
  • Audit and quality assure work you have done

We work predominantly with best in class open source software tools and methodologies.  Our aim is to design build and test iterative solutions which can be rapidly tested and deployed in days and weeks – not months and years.

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